Monday, December 7, 2009

for my very last post...

I found a video that I should have found when we were on the subject,but it's better late then never! It is a video explaining copyright/fair use that has been popular on youtube. The video has cuts of disney movies. I thought is was pretty cute and related to our class.

Warning: The video is about 10 min long.



So, now instead of exhibiting myself I am exhibiting Harvey. Based on the movie Harvey made in 1950. It is honestly one of my favorite movies. For those who haven't seen the movie it is about a man named Elwood P. Dowd who claims he sees a 6 foot rabbit, who is his friend.

Here is the trailer!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Proposal for exhibit in the box

My exhibit will be based on myself. The biggest influence for my project was our visit to the museum. It was when the director was talking about how they wanted people to feel like they were in China when they entered "China Now". So when looking at my exhibit I want people to know what it's like to be me. There are two different ideas for accomplishing this.

1. The Dark Box

I would have a box displayed where when looking in the peep hole people would see in my mind. So it would be dark except lit areas of my thoughts. The exact details have not been figured out yet, but maybe a photo of insecurities, worries and things that frighten me.

2. The Museum Box

I really liked the box they had which they used to display what they wanted for "China Now". So I would use a similar design but make it more like me. The walls inside would perhaps be half built or see through to represent insecurities. There might be trash on the floor to show I am a messy/unorganized person. The art on the walls would be art that I feel are personally art/beauty like nature, religion, friends, family etc.

I am sorry I don't have it all figured out, but hopefully by Wednesday with help I will have it narrowed down.

My Thoughts on Postmodernism

First of all I just thought postmodernism was something simply described as art based on art. I am now finding out that it is so much more. My mind likes to put things in boxes that are well defined, but I can not do this with postmodernism. As I learn more about postmodernism it is political, questioning, ironic, changing, growing, critical, and so much more. Even when I google postmodernism there are millions of places that are telling me different things. It feels like the best thing to do with postmodernism is to not put it in a box, but put it in the ground as a seed so it can grow and develop.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Creative Commons answers

  • Creative Commons alters the way I understand copyright by encouraging to share your creativity and abling you to modify your copyright so others can take and build on your ideas.
  • I feel that Creative Commons can affect the original works. When there is a program encouraging borrowing of other works the original seems like it would loose it's identity and value and just become lost in all the other pieces taking from it.
  • If the examples in our books used Creative Commons there wouldn't be any blurry lines of copyright since they could specify what could be borrowed and reused and what is off limits. It might of helped Sherrie Levine if she took from Creative Commons cause her morals wouldn't have been in question.
  • I am not sure if Creative Commons does licenses for the right of publicity because it is a persona being protected and I don't know how they could display it online.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Visit to Reed College

The Language of the Nude exhibit at Reed College was a great educational experience. It was nice to examine drawings from different locations and dates all at once and see them up close. The drawing that comes to mind when thinking back on our visit is “Funeral of a Hero” by Jacques Louis David. I could really understand the realism in this drawing because my art history class has observed his paintings before. Jacques Louis David likes to depict certain characters as Christ like, which was depicted in the drawing. The fallen nude hero was slumped over, imitating Christ which in a realism way speaks of David’s culture.
In today’s nude art, it may not look the same, but our artists now have different influences and culture which affects the art. Today we have media telling us what looks beautiful which can come through by which models are chosen to be used in current art. This may change depending on the country for which the culture would change.